Arthur Baldwin Hayward (1874-1954)
by the RH7 History Group

Arthur Baldwin Hayward was born on 6th July 1874 the son of Charles Forster and Lucy Emilia Hayward. Arthur was the youngest of 4 children.

Arthur Baldwin Hayward. Author’s own image.

Like his father he trained as an architect and lived and practised from his Great Russell Street premises in London. In 1930 Arthur inherited Lingfield Guest House on the death of his step-mother, Charlotte Bessie Hayward.

He had a passionate love of history and in 1933 he and Stanley Hazell, who lived at The Garth, (the old Lingfield Workhouse), wrote a book on the History of Lingfield which is still used as a valuable text by local historians. In 1935 Arthur Hayward hosted a ‘Loan Exhibition of Articles of Antique and Local Interest in the Garden Room’. The Garden Room was owned by the Haywards and is the building on the opposite side of the path, formerly called North Street, which is now Barn Cottage. During the Second World War the Garden Room was used by the W.V.S. From that headquarters the Women’s Voluntary Service organised accommodation for refugees and evacuees. Another Loan Exhibition was held after the war in August 1952. Lingfield Parish Council lent old wills and documents relating to Lingfield Charities, the Inclosure Award relating to Lingfield and surrounding common lands; and details of the population in 1851.

The Guest House. Author’s own image.

Arthur never married and having no descendants to carry on the stewardship of the Guest House was intent on leaving it in reliable hands. He left details of those plans, written on 20th August 1936, which were set out as instructions to his Executors, then added a footnote in 1945.

He originally offered the building to the National Trust who declined the offer because of a stipulation that no alterations were to be made to the building. The building was eventually left to the Surrey County Council. Arthur Hayward was particularly keen for the building to house some sort of museum ‘...and a repository for the safe custody and study of books and manuscripts, maps and documents relating to the locality.’ It finally housed Lingfield Library which is now run as a Community Library. The Hayward History archive collection is also housed here and so Hayward’s wishes have been granted.

The Guest House is now held in trust by the Lingfield Guest House Trustees Ltd. The Trust is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the building and the gardens.

Arthur Hayward died in 1954.

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